School Uniform FAQ – Northern Academy
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To review the School Uniform Rules, click HERE.

All school uniform pieces may be ordered directly from Land’s End. Our school number is 900185968.

Q1. What is the school's requirements for uniform style and accessories?

A: Please see school Uniform Rules.

Q2. Is school logo required on uniform?

A: Logo is required on blazer (jacket). For shirts and sweaters, it is optional.

Q3. Are uniforms required to be worn every school day?

A: Full uniform is required from Monday through Thursday. Friday is a semi-uniform day. Polo shirts are allowed, while ties are not required. Saturday is a casual day.

When students are not in uniform, they are still required to follow the school dress code. Please refer to the Uniform Rules document.

Q4. There are so many uniform choices online, which ones should I choose and how many?

A: Please check HERE to see these standard items and recommended quantities.

Q5. What is the requirement for girl's skirt and socks?

A: As part of the school dress code (for teachers/staff and students), uniform skirts must be long enough to cover the knee, and long socks (stockings) need cover the knee so no skin is exposed while standing. For girls with small waist size and long legs, please order the right length of skirt and customize the waist by either using elastic bands or adding more fabric materials, or simply choose to wear pants instead. HERE is the Land's End skirt size and measurement file for your reference.

Q5. What to wear for Physical Education (PE) class?

PE (Gym) clothes are part of school uniform available from Land’s End. You may also buy PE clothes from other vendors if they match the color and style with the standard (Land’s End).

Q6. Do I have to order a winter coat?

A: Overcoat is not mandatory, but you may prepare an overcoat for outdoor. The school has published a dress code to regulate overcoat style and color. Please check the Uniform Rules document.

Q7. Which fabric should I choose?

A: This is up to you. Some parents prefer 100% cotton for their children and some parents prefer to save a little money on each item.

Q8: Do I have to order all uniform pieces from Land’s End?

A:  Land’s End is our exclusive vendor. You need to order from them if you need the logo. For shirts and pants that do not need the logo, you may purchase from other sources, as long as they match the color and style of standard uniform from Land’s End.