An Engineer Who Is Also A Musician – Northern Academy
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Oliver Mantyk, Music Track, GPA 3.77

My Day

6:45am Get up
7:00am Breakfast—A good breakfast is sometimes the difference between scoring a 65% and a 97%
8:10am Chinese
8:58am Science—Hard work always pays off with good grades.
9:47am Social Studies
10:36am Math class—Numbers numbers numbers.
11:26am ELA—I do like the books we’ve been reading, and we’ve been reading a lot.
12:10 Lunch
1:00pm Orchestra—Playing in an orchestra is really fun. We get to make great music and it’s really satisfying when I play my part right. When everybody plays together, it sounds really good.
2:39pm Dance, Art, or PE class
3:28pm Free period—I play a little bit of ping-pong, then practice trumpet, and more trumpet, and more trumpet. Practicing an instrument is rewarding because you get better at what you’re playing and you sound better and so you feel better about yourself.
4:16pm Free Period—Practice trumpet or do homework assignments in the library.
5:00pm Meditation—A few days a week after school I go and practice meditation with a group to improve my focus.
6:00pm Home
6:40pm Dinner—Eat dinner with my family, and help clean up.
9:30pm Bed