A Scientist Who Is Also A Dancer – Northern Academy
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Lee Rubacek, Dance Track, GPA 3.98

My Day

6:15am Get up—I like to start my morning with a shower to wake me up.
6:30am Breakfast—I eat a small breakfast and prepare my uniform and bags.
7:50am Dance class—I go to painful dance class for two hours.
9:40am Run to History—Try to change as fast as I can into my school uniform but I’m still always late to History class.
10:36 English Language Arts—An enjoyable class with a fun teacher.
11:26am AP Biology—A challenging and small class with a fun teacher and daily snacks.
12:10am Break-time—Do homework and go to lunch late (to avoid the rush)
1:00pm Geometry—Shapes and lots and lots of triangles with a good teacher.
1:50pm Chemistry—A fun class with a lot of chemical equations.
2:39pm Tumbling or self-study—My weakest class is tumbling; this part of Chinese dance is really hard and intense. It’s three times a week, and I do homework on the other days.
3:28 Chinese Language class
4:16pm Rehearsal class—Practice out many dances that we will be performing for various events.
6:30pm Dinner at home—I help with washing the dishes after dinner every day.
7:00pm Homework—A lot of homework for Biology class, but also all my other classes. Sometimes I stay at school for evening dance club.
10:00pm Sleep time—Good night