Boarding and Day School – Northern Academy
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A typical school day at Northern Academy starts with breakfast at 7 am, homeroom at 7:50 am, followed by ten periods of classes or activities until 5 pm with lunch around noon. Students may continue to participate in club activities after 5 pm and have dinner in school until 8:15 pm.

Northern Academy provides four signature programs (tracks) – academics, fine arts, music and dance. Many students spend at least two periods per day studying either dance, music, fine arts or science projects.

All students put in many hours together in dance, music, fine arts, study, and meditation groups and this helps forge them into one body.

Day Students

Day students who commute to campus everyday also engage with the community on campus. They join the same after-school activities and meet with other students in common areas such as the library.

Read more to explore a day of the life of our students in different tracks.

Residential Life

As a boarding school, Northern Academy of the Arts provides students with a safe and healthy community in which to grow.

Through the boarding experience students learn how to live as responsible members of the community: respecting their fellow students and adults; treating the physical environment with care; recognizing the safety of the entire community, learning sensitivity to differences; and embracing the values of Northern Academy.

For students living on campus, advisers and the Office of Student Affairs are some of the resources that provide students with support and activities that enrich their experience.

Dorm Teachers

Dorm teachers, who live in the dormitory buildings, and are responsible for overseeing the students who also reside there. Dorm teachers ensure that students have a quality dorm life by maintaining close ties with parents and advisers for additional help. They maintain safe conditions, order, and a good study climate. Students must get permission from Dorm teachers for sick leave, and visiting other dorm rooms in accordance with school rules.

Older students who serve as prefects assist Dorm teachers in counseling and guiding younger students as well as organizing basic housekeeping. They observe whether school mates are doing well in their day-to-day lives, and help younger students adjust to life away from their parents. These prefects play a crucial role in communicating with individual students and school authorities to ensure that students are respecting dormitory rules and policies.

In addition to three meals, the dormitory staff also provide boarding students with simple foods so that they always have something to eat if hungry.


Advisers connect with each student and guide them through the many personal and academic choices they must make during the school year. Advisers foster a close relationship with students and mentor on a one-on-one basis. They can help students maintain a healthy balance in terms of academic, artistic, and moral training.

Advisers serve as the primary faculty contact between students and their parents or guardians. Advisers of boarding students work with the dorm teachers, sharing information about students and their programs so that the dorm teachers, the primary faculty contact for boarding students and their parents/guardians, can communicate between these parties.

Advisers and the Office of Student Affairs provide support and plan activities that enrich students' overall experience.

Food Service

Northern Academy's cafeteria provides students with a delicious variety of Asian and Western cuisine with all the nutrients they need to make it through the day happy and healthy!

While students may choose from different options for a meal plan, all students are required to participate in the lunch service. Snacks are also available for purchase.

In addition to three meals, the dormitories also provides boarding students with simple foods so that they always have something to eat if hungry.

Transportation Service

Our school bus transports students to different activity sites.

We do not provide transportation to and from the airport. You may arrange your own service or contact residential services ( for a list of the drivers work with the school.