A Ballerina Who Is Also A Designer – Northern Academy
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Sacia Ashe, Ballet Track, GPA 3.79

My Day

5:00am-morning routine—I like to start my morning routine with hot lemon water while I make breakfast. I usually make some toast or a green smoothie and tea or coffee, and then I go out to walk the dogs.
7:00am-get ready and go—I get into my dance clothes, pack my backpack, and drive to school. At school I warm up for ballet in the studio.
8:00am Ballet—I have ballet for two and a half hours in the morning.
10:30am English Language Arts—I have to run to get to this class after ballet.
11:20am-Debate—An elective, it’s really educational and fun.
2:39pm-ballet—I have another 45 minutes of dance mid-afternoon.
5:00pm-home time—I leave school and have dinner at home with my family.
6:00pm-homework—I do homework straight after dinner to prevent procrastinating.
7:00pm-dance or free time
8:00pm-shower and read—I get ready for bed, shower, and then read before bed.
9:00pm Sleep—I head to bed early.