An Artist Who Is Also A Scientist – Northern Academy
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Amy Yin, Fine Arts Track, GPA 3.97

My Day

6:30am—Wake up. Breakfast at home; leave for school at 7:30am.
8:00am—A World Bridge®. After homeroom, I attend first class doing real-world science projects.
8:58am—Chemistry, my favorite class
10:36am—ELA 10 Honors. Great discussions
12:10pm—Lunch. The cafeteria provides a well-balanced variety of food for the students and staff
1:00pm—Drawing, my afternoon art classes
2:39pm—Chinese. Learning to read and write Chinese
3:28pm—AP World History. A very interesting class.
5:00pm—Dafa Club. The club helps us improve our moral perspective.
6:00pm—Dinner in the cafeteria on school nights
6:30pm—Home. After a long day of classes, I like to meditate. It makes me feel refreshed and ready to work afterwards.