A Scholar on the Academic Track – Northern Academy
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Annie Sun, Academic Track, GPA 3.9

My Day

7:00am Get up
7:20am Breakfast
7:35am Leave for school
7:50am Homeroom—One of the few times during the day that the whole track is together. The teacher usually mention things that’ll happen during the week/day.
8:10am Algebra—Our class is pretty small, consisting of only 3 people, so it’s easy to interact and discuss problems.
8:58am World History
9:47am Biology—Usually we take notes about material we have to learn but sometimes we go to the lab downstairs to do experiments.
10:36am ELA
11:26am Calligraphy/Drawing—On Monday and Tuesday I take Chinese Calligraphy and on Thursday and Friday I take Drawing. Wednesday there’s a free period.
12:10pm Lunch Break
1:00pm Chinese—Also a very small class so it’s very discussion-based and casual.
1:50pm Music/Study Hall—On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Friday I have Study Hall and on the remaining two days I have Music lessons.
2:39pam AWB Science Projects
3:28pm Dance/Study Hall—On Monday and Wednesday I have Dance class and the rest of the days I have Study Hall.
4:16pm PE/Study Hall/Class Meeting/Student Assembly—Different classes for each day.
5:15pm Club
6:10pm Goes Home
6:20pm Dinner
7:00pm Homework/Studying—Depends on how much homework we get as well as whether there is a test soon.
9:00pm Relax—When there is an average amount of homework I will be finished at around 9. From that time until sleep, I will read a book, listen to music and watch some television.
10:30pm Sleep