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Students who commute to campus everyday also engage with the community on campus. They join the same after-school activities and meet with other students in campus common areas such as the library.


Day student life capitalizes upon the rigorous academic experience Choate offers, is augmented by robust student life opportunities that transcend into evening and weekends, yet balanced by the comforts of home. While day students live at home and commute to our campus, they are active and fully engaged members of the Choate community. Commitments to clubs, activities, teams, and academic pursuits encourage day students to explore life on campus to the fullest extent – just like their boarding peers. Day students are welcome to join the boarding community for all meals, to remain on campus until curfew, and to participate in all weekend activities, even to be hosted for weekend overnights on campus. Most day students would agree that it is hard to call it a day and head towards home. In fact, many would say they spend more time on campus than at home, and that they are just as comfortable here as they are in their own living room.


Advisers connect with each student and guide them through the many personal and academic choices they must make during the school year. Advisers foster a close relationship with students and mentor on a one-on-one basis. They can help students maintain a healthy balance in terms of academic, artistic, and moral training.

Advisers of commuting students serve as the primary faculty contact between these students and their parents or guardians. Advisers of students living on campus work with the supervisor, sharing information about students and their programs so that the supervisor, the primary faculty contact for on-campus students and their parents/guardians, can communicate between these parties.

Students who are new to Northern are advised by their supervisor as they may need more guidance in their transition.

Commuting Students

Day students at Northern can also become fully involved members of the community by participating in afterschool activities. Students put in many hours together in dance, music, study, and meditation groups and this helps forge them into one body. Although commuting does have a natural disconnecting effect, this can be easily overcome through the encouragement of Northern Academy of the Arts staff and active participation in afterschool groups.

Cafeteria Service

Our school cafeteria provides students with a delicious variety of Asian and Western cuisine with all the nutrients they need to make it through the day happy and healthy!

While students may choose from different options for a meal plan, all students are required to participate in the lunch service. Snacks are also available for purchase.