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Students take advantage of two rich opportunities provided at Northern Academy: a rigorous college prep curriculum and a leading-edge classical arts program.

Four signature programs, or tracks, channel a student’s natural abilities—academics, fine arts, music and dance. Most students spend at least two periods a day working on projects or activities in their chosen track.

A Day in the Life of...

A typical school day starts with a hearty cafeteria breakfast at 7 am followed by homeroom at 7:50 am. Students attend class until 5 pm. Cafeteria food is very popular. At the end of the day from 5 pm to 8:15 pm, most students stay at school for dinner and participate in club activities.

Northern Academy students attend either as boarders or day students. All students spend most of their day with students in their track which helps to forge a bond and camaraderie that continues after they leave.

BELOW, our students share their experiences and insights at Northern Academy which we call “A Day in the Life of...”