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Please register HERE to attend a free demo class. Upon registering, an email with details and meeting links will be sent to you.

Please register HERE for Northern Summer Camp Online from June 29 to August 8. HERE are our online camp course offers.

Northern Academy currently offers distance learning for all academic courses, including: our STEM program for talented and gifted students; pre-professional art courses in dance, music, and fine arts; and an introduction to Chinese language and culture. We also host a variety of social clubs, such as our chess, and cooking clubs.

Our students from around the world have been attending a full online class schedule daily, including Saturdays. Based on internal surveys conducted in April 2020, 90 percent of students and parents rated the quality and content of our teaching as good, very good, or excellent.

Starting in May of 2020, Northern Academy is offering free online intro classes from our signature programs, so that you and your child can experience the quality of curriculum available to attendees of Summer Camp 2020 ONLINE, and to full time students selected for the academy in the fall.

Descriptions of available classes are below:

Computer Programming in A WORLD BRIDGE®

A World Bridge® (AWB) is offering a free introductory class where interested students can learn what Northern summer campers can acchieve by the end of AWB summer camp. For example, A beginner with no programming experience will be able to make own placemark and single interaction (single pop up window with customized web page) at the end of the first summer session and be able to make multiple placemarks, multiple interactions and accordion drop down menu. Some of campers can even be able to make customized WMS layer (QGIS, GeoServer, WebWorldWind) and customized Heatmap layer (Heatmap/Placemark toggle).

The teacher will also provide introduction for the learning material integrated (Khan Academy).

Students and parents can have all of your questions answered by our teachers at the end of this free class.

Check HERE for more information on this class.

A winner of the 2018 World Challenge 4th and 5th place trophies, our summer AWB is an advanced STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program that uses advanced teaching methods and incorporates real-world projects involving NASA, and other industry and government partners. Click HERE to learn more about our AWB summer courses.

Dance Fundamentals

Our demo classes will also provide a taste of Northern Academy’s full-time dance program, which features systematic training that will strengthen dance fundamentals and supplement it with courses like Ethnic and Folk Dance, Classical Chinese Dance Bearing, and Rehearsal.

Northern Academy’s systematic dance training will strengthen dance fundamentals and supplement it with a range of courses like Ethnic and Folk Dance, Rehearsal, and Classical Chinese dance Bearing. To learn more about summer dance program and different levels, please visit Northern Summer Academy Dance Program HERE.

Q: What do I need to prepare for my dance class?

A: We are very excited to meet you and lead you through a fun dance class!

To get the most out of class, there are a few things to prepare.

  1. Clothing

Please arrive dressed to dance. This means, come wearing clothing that allows you to move in, such as a t-shirt and leggings or sweatpants.

  1. Hair:

Put your hair up into a ponytail or bun if it's long.

  1. Space to move:

Choose a room that ideally has enough depth to stand back far enough so you can see your body from head to toe in the shot, and wide enough to be able to lie down and point the camera down so you can see your body profile.

  1. Tech Check:

Test your camera if possible. Position your camera in a way that allows it to see you from head to toe.

Be sure to join with both video and audio because your teacher wants to teach you "in person".

We look forward to seeing you!


Your Dance Teachers Ms. Cindy and Mr. Bowen


Robotics Engineering

Robotics is one of the most cutting-edge fields in the world today. In this program, students will use the platform provided by VEX Robotics (VEX IQ) to build several functional robots.

Students taking this course online need to purchase a robot kit. The sales price is $379, tax not included. HERE is the website.

The Math Olympiad

Please come if you are a motivated Math learner who wants to:

  • learn creative approaches to Math challenges
  • be prepared for the elite AMC8/AMC10 math competitions
  • take the first steps to becoming a Math Olympian
  • have fun!

Music Theater

Have fun singing, dancing, and acting out great scenes from musical theater classics. Build up your confidence and stage presence.
We use professional standards so that campers can better learn what it’s like to be a professional performer, what the expectations are, and what professional standard to hold themselves accountable too. We will also go over audition rounds, how to audition, what to expect on a panel audition, and how to present yourself in a professional manner.


Learning Chinese has never been so effective, nor so much fun! Explore centuries of wisdom and improve listening, speaking and reading more than you thought possible!

To learn more about our program, course offered during the summer both online and onsite, please visit Northern Academy Summer Camp Chinese Program HERE.

Who may attend the free class?
  • Students between 9-13 years of age
  • Novice - Intermediate level or Intermediate - Advanced level


You will learn from the best! Northern Academy Chess Club coach Joel Diaz has been teaching/playing chess since he was 11 years old. He was taught by one of Russia’s best chess masters by the name of Yury Lapshun. Throughout his time as a player and coach he have won numerous first place trophies nationwide.

To learn more about our coach and our award-winning Chess Club, please visit our online school Chess Club page HERE.

Drawing, Design, Arts & Crafts

Northern Academy's summer courses are designed to create artworks in variety of mediums which develop fundamental skills, elements of design, and aesthetics appreciate. Please visit Northern Summer Academy's Fine Arts Program for all the course offered during the summer HERE.

Students can try two free classes if they meet the following requirements:

Class Grade Level Art Supplies Needed Before Class
Design (Theory) Grades 9-12 A drawing book, scissors, glue, old magazines, black construction paper, geometric set, & your creative mind
Arts & Crafts Grades 2-7 Scissors, glue or office tape, old magazines, or newspaper, or any colored paper, a pencil and a marker, a round shaped household item with at least 6 inch in diameter, such as plastic bowl, bottle cover, etc.
Drawing - Still Life Grades 8-11 Drawing paper, pencil, eraser, and a pad or clip board

ESL & American Culture

International students who are looking to develop better English language skills while exploring American culture and history are welcome to join this class.

Check out our class description HERE.

3D Modeling

In our summer program, students will learn the skills of 3D Modeling and create their own models!

To take the free class, a student should be grade 8 and up. Check HERE for course description.