Counseling – Northern Academy
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Good morning, Northern Academy! This is Ms. Cortese-Ng, school counselor, with a few words of wisdom. Have you ever noticed all the commercials for exercise equipment and health club memberships? We hear a lot about body building, and we hear a lot about building fame and fortune, too. But what about building character- building principles like honesty, fairness, kindness, … Continued

The Kindness Project

Showing kindness to others is important to do everyday, and especially now during these challenging times.There are many helpers in our community working hard to keep us safe and are diligently helping those who have fallen ill with the Corona virus. The hospitals in New York City are treating many, many people at this time. … Continued

Counseling Online

Dear Students and Parents, I hope that all our students and their families are staying safe and are doing well at this time. As we embark on the new vehicle of online learning over the coming weeks, please know that counseling services will also be available to students and families through Vedamo and Zoom platforms. … Continued

Help Your Child to Staying Focused and Organized for Online School

We know that some students may find it difficult to concentrate on the lessons as the temptation to do other things can pull them away from staying on task. Being disorganized and inundated by emails can contribute to feeling scattered. Here are some tips to help your child: Make sure your child is organized with … Continued