Music Courses – Northern Academy
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For Students Specializing in Music:

1. Instrumental Class: Grade 6 to 12

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Violoncello
  • Flute
  • Clarinet
  • Trumpet
  • Piano
  • Pipa

2. Music Theory: Grade 6 to 12

This course will enable students to build a solid foundation in music theory. The curriculum covers basic music notation, time values, scales, intervals, different times, and different kinds of chords, cadences, transposition, music analysis, and voice leading writing.

3. Basic Skill Training: Grade 6 to 12

This course will enable students to acquire basic musical skills such as dictation and sight singing. It will help build a strong foundation for further development of their musical and sight singing abilities as well as provide a solid base for more advanced musical studies.

4. Music Appreciation And History

Students will learn to appreciate classical music that focuses on the music history of the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Nationalism periods.

5. Orchestra Ensemble

Students will have the opportunity to perform as part of an ensemble. They will learn how to put their performance into practice and how to cooperate with other musicians in the ensemble group. This course is for all instrumental students regardless of which grade they are in. The students will learn standard repertoire from the chosen literature of great composers throughout the history of western classical music. The orchestra will perform two major concerts a year.

6. Chorus

This is a required course for all freshmen. The students will receive instruction and training in choral singing. The techniques they will learn include: correct vowel formation, diction, articulation, sound blending, and so on. The students will also improve their sight singing skill while cultivating a strong sense of harmony as they learn to sing choral repertoire in different styles. The chorus will also be featured in the two major annual concerts.

7. Wind Orchestra

This course is open to woodwind, brass, and percussion major students who will be selected by the music faculty. During the two-year course, the students will learn to play the standard repertoire that is chosen from Winds literature according to their performance level. The Wind Orchestra will also be featured in the two major annual concerts.

8. Chamber Music

Chamber Music is open to advanced students who are selected by the music faculty. This course offers great experience in how to collaborate to create fine, delicate music by performing classic opuses with other musicians.

9. Concert Practice 

The weekly concert practice offers students a chance to accumulate valuable experience by performing publicly. On top of that, students will learn to give feedback on the performances of their fellow students. They will learn to accept and appreciate both positive and negative comments about their own performances as well as those of others.