Music Department – Northern Academy
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The Music Department

Northern Academy of the Arts’ music track seeks to help students attain a solid professional foundation in classical music. In combination with our outstanding academic program, our students will be well-equipped to become successful conservatory or college students as well as morally sound and well-rounded individuals.

Why Music?

The verdict is in and confirms what people have known for ages: studying classical music is good for you. From mastering memorization to scoring better on the SAT to developing spatial intelligence, the correlations between thriving young scholars and music are too numerous to deny. This program establishes a strong foundation in classical music for students who have serious musical aspirations. By joining the music track, students can learn to work well with others, build character, and develop discipline that can be applied to any path they may choose in life.

Life in the Music Track

Every afternoon and evening, music students liven up the school with the sounds of their instruments. Their mood tends to be playful and light, and their academic achievements are strong. After all, the musical environment encourages a joyful feeling and the music faculty place strong emphasis on cultivating moral character and achieving academic and artistic excellence.

Students have access to caring music advisors who are passionate about helping them excel. These advisors encourage students to develop self-discipline, leadership, organizational abilities, and teamwork by creating opportunities for them to mentor younger students and learn how to manage their independent practice time.

Courses are college preparatory in nature and include private lessons, ear training, music theory, orchestra, chorus, music appreciation, chamber music, and concert practice.

Students regularly perform with an orchestra that combines classical Western instruments and Chinese instruments, such as the pipa, erhu, and taiko drums.