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Xiaoping Chen

Chair and Fine Art Instructor

Xiaoping Chen has been a fine arts teacher at Northern Academy of the Arts since 2007. She has deep experience in teaching drawing, Chinese painting, Chinese calligraphy, and AP Studio Art.

Born in China, Ms. Chen was a well accomplished artist at a young age. She learned traditional Chinese calligraphy and landscape painting at the Fujian Institute of Youth Painters and Calligraphers. She received first prize in both categories, of painting and calligraphy, at the 7th Fujian Provincial Youth Painting and Calligraphy Competition, and third prize in the junior division of the Dragon Cup Chinese national calligraphy competition, in 1988.

Ms. Chen studied watercolor and ceramics at the Northern Mariana College in Saipan, and her works featured in several private exhibits.In 1998, she won the Outstanding Visual Artist Governor award in Saipan. Later, she studied oil painting in New York.  In 2009, her painting, Shock, won the gold award in NTDTV’s second annual International Figure Painting Competition. In 2011, Ms. Chen again won gold in the International Figure Painting Competition with her creation, Entering the Divine Realm with Purity. Several of her paintings have been selected to be part of the international art exhibition, The art of Zhen Shan Ren.

Jieqing Zhou

Fine Art Instructor

Ms. Zhou Jieqing has studied Chinese painting since childhood and has since received professional-level skills training in Western painting. She studied in the Printmaking Department of the St. Petersburg Repin National Academy of the Fine Arts, in Russia, majoring in frame painting, from 2007 to 2014. At the Academy, she studied under famous Russian artists Alexander Andree, Klim Lee Alexander, and Zastavskiyo, and obtained her Master Degree.

Her works were exhibited several times by the Academy. After graduation, she was hired at a renowned art training center in Beijing, where she taught oil painting and sketching for preparatory arts college students. Throughout the years, she has accumulated a significant amount of art teaching experience.