Dance Courses – Northern Academy
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Pre-Professional Dance Programs

Northern Academy's dance programs offer systematic training in both Classical Ballet and Classical Chinese Dance, and high school diplomas with specializations in these two classical dance forms.

Our programs not only offer students training in dance fundamentals, but also provides a holistic range of supplementary dance courses, including but not limited to, Ethnic and Folk Dance, Tumbling, Repertoire, and Acting.

For non-dance students:

Two periods of dance basic training are offered per week, covering Classical Chinese Dance fundamentals.

For students who declare dance specialty:

  • Must complete all specified dance major courses or satisfy the related requirements of these courses.
  • Must complete the 6th or highest year of all required dance courses. Generally, it takes 6 years to reach the highest level required of our graduates. If you enter Northern Academy after 8th grade, you must be able to meet all prerequisites and associated standards upon graduation.
  • Required courses include Fundamentals of Classical Chinese Dance (CCD), Tumbling Techniques of CCD, CCD Shen Yun, Chinese Ethnic and Folk Dance, CCD Flexibility, and Classical Ballet.
  • Maintain a 80% or higher grade average for all required courses.

The above courses and requirements must be fulfilled in order to obtain a Dance Department graduation diploma in addition to the normal Northern High School diploma.

Departmental Goals:

    • Students will have a solid foundation in classical Chinese dance or classical Ballet.
    • Students can confidently stand as well-trained dancers who are healthy, well-rounded, and morally outstanding members of society.
    • All acquired dance movements and knowledge should meet pre-professional standards.