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“A scholar should constantly pursue what is virtuous and find recreation in the arts.” — Confucius

Recent studies have found that teaching the arts in schools can have a profound effect on young minds. That’s one of the reasons Northern Academy of the Arts has invested in developing a solid arts program.

Students may choose to either dabble in various art forms through elective offerings or focus on developing their artistic skills in a specific track.

If a student chooses to focus on a specific art form, they are required to take two periods per day in their track.

The art tracks provide an emphasis on rigorous training in the arts and prepares students for a college education specialized in the arts and careers in the arts. Students are given a broad range of opportunities both within the arts and outside the arts and are allowed to develop in the way that best suits their strengths and talents.

Students interested in performing arts will have numerous opportunities throughout the year to take part in live performances to improve their skills. Northern also offers opportunities for students to take part in science research projects. These extracurricular activities can integrate the students’ learning into practical use and greatly enhance their competitiveness in seeking professional careers and/or college admissions.

Currently we have three art departments: dance, music, and fine arts.


Northern Academy of the Arts’ Dance Department offers ballet, classical Chinese dance, tumbling, and folk dance.


Northern Academy of the Arts’ Music Department offers group and private lessons in Western or Chinese musical instruments, chorus, orchestra, and theory. Students develop the competence and sensitivity for performing cross-cultural music.

Fine Arts

Northern Academy of the Arts’ Fine Arts Department helps students develop a solid foundation in the visual arts, gaining a deep understanding of the great aesthetics passed down over millennia of human civilization in both the West and the East.

After School Arts Programs

Northern Academy’s After School Arts Programs help deepen the body, mind, and spirit.