Tuition – Northern Academy
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The following table provides the tuition and fees, plus an estimate of the cost of living and other expenses a full-time student is expected to incur per year.

2021-2022 Academic Year

Type Day Boarding Homestay
Tuition $24,000 $35,500 $24,750
Meals Lunch Breakfast, lunch, dinner Lunch
Boarding -- Included Host family and meal plan $8000-$11,000
Total Cost $24,000 $35,500 $32,750-$36,000

What Northern's Tuition Pays For

  • Online or onsite instruction Monday through Saturday
  • Onsite day school lunch Monday through Friday
  • Full enrollment in the academic track or one of the arts tracks
  • Two periods or more of arts and academic enrichment programs after school:
    • Dance track: Dance rehearsals and production of dance related programs.
    • Music track: Music studio and exam jury fee. Music students are responsible for their own instrument purchase/rental, maintenance, and private lessons (should they wish to do so).
    • Fine Arts track: Art studio, basic studio equipment, art museum excursions.
    • Academic track: Science and math classes including robotics, the award-winning Northern Horizon science projects, and competitions; news making and extracurricular enrichment programs.
  • A general arts program is offered by the music, dance and fine arts departments to students who are not enrolled in these tracks. The cost includes student activities and services.
  • Technology, health, utilities, facilities, classroom materials, and administrative fees.
  • As students approach senior year, tuition fees cover a one-time SAT exam, college planning, gown rentals, and graduation.
  • Additional fees may be required for trips, competitions, basic attire and costumes, as decided by each department or track

Other Program-Related Costs

  • ESL and Language Support: $5,000
  • School Uniform: $350-$450, (direct purchase from LandEnd)
  • Standardized Testing Fees (PSAT, SAT, ACT, AP exams): Variable between $45-$200
  • College Tour: An optional multi-day, multi-city tour guided by teachers and counselors. The cost is estimated to be $250-$350, which includes the cost of transportation, accommodations and meals.
  • International Fee: $2000 (International student services)