College Planning – Northern Academy
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Navigating the college admissions process can seem complex for students and families. To facilitate a smooth passage, we pair each student with a teacher advisor who will work closely with the student and family.

As a college preparatory school, Northern Academy initiates our students’ college planning process from middle school in life skill classes. The college planning at Northern develops an individualized road map to success for the student, which includes academic work, character development, special interests and skill sets, as well as the college application.

How is college planning being done at Northern?

Typically, a comprehensive service starts from 9th grade until graduation. All high school students will attend college planning classes each year that specifically addresses: course selection, college and career exploration and community service opportunities.

In addition to group lessons, students will receive individual sessions with a college counselor. Experienced counselors will seamlessly integrate Northern’s academic and extracurricular programs with their unique planning process, which utilizes social and corporate resources.

Through this process we are able to tailor the college process to the specific needs, abilities, and interests of each students. To keep parents better informed of the college process, we offer each year a Parent College Information Night at the end of September.

What can parents learn from college planning?

College planning can help break down myths about college, such as “my teen can make a good living without a college education”, or “I don’t have the money and my teen can’t afford to take out loans to pay for college”.

Parents can learn why they should help their children go to college and how they can encourage their children to apply. They can also find out about different types of colleges and choose those that are most affordable.

What is the goal of college planning?

The college planning adviser will coach the student on how to best utilize his/her time and resources during the 4-year high school experience. The adviser guides students toward developing a well-balanced and unique profile that can be competitive for the college of the student’s choice.

The student will be mentally and academically ready for college life through the planning. The process can also transform the student to be a responsible citizen with high moral standards.