Advising & Academic Support – Northern Academy
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Northern Academy of the Arts provides several services to help students succeed in the academic world.

Throughout their time at Northern, students meet with faculty advisers to discuss course selection, ways to improve their academic experience, and long-term goals for their future. In addition, three half-hour periods are designated each week as conference periods during which students can meet with their classroom teachers for extra help. Learning specialists are a resource for students who have already sought help and could benefit from supplemental coaching in time management, organization, and general study skills.

Northern Academy of the Arts offers English as a Second Language and academic tutoring.

Talented and Gifted Students

At NAA, talented and gifted (TAG) students who master a subject significantly more quickly than their classmates will be exposed to some of the material covered by the next grade. For example, math TAG students in Middle School might take the equivalent of a High School-level algebra course. AP courses will also be provided for TAG students in high school.