Our Story – Northern Academy
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It all began when a rocket scientist, a math professor, a doctor, a dancer, and an award-winning educator came together and started talking about the complex challenges that schools and our youth face today. In their impassioned conversations, they kept coming back to the same answer: it's time to make a priority of providing students with a safe and secure place to develop character. It’s that simple. Success, wisdom, and a deeply satisfying life all come organically from that foundation.

Our children are exposed to degenerate influences at a younger and younger age, and the resulting loss of purity and direction are deeply linked to insecurity, behavioral problems, and emotional instability.

Parents are also recognizing that too much screen time—too much television, social media, and gaming—is causing a separation between the body and the mind that often leads to a lack of motivation as well as depression, impatience, and anger.

Here at Northern Academy we are adamant that we can, and must, do better for our students. Our children deserve the best and all the effort we put into teaching them will in turn benefit society.

It’s a mission that is resonating with people. That’s why many parents sent their students to our school before we did any marketing, simply through word of mouth.

In returning to a traditional focus on character development, we are replacing screen time with meaningful goals and disciplines that have characterized the greatest golden ages throughout thousands of years of human civilization: the seven liberal arts, dance, the fine arts, and a belief in the divine.

These are the hallmarks of great thinkers—of men and women who embody the multifaceted ideal of the Renaissance man and the Confucian scholar.

Though Northern Academy of the Arts was relatively humble when we launched, we’ve grown quickly thanks to the heartfelt support from parents, the community, and our staff. For this we are truly grateful.

In this exciting endeavor, we invite you to join us.

Nothing is more important for the public wealth than to form and train youth in wisdom and virtue. Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom.” — Benjamin Franklin