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Northern Academy of the Arts is a high school and middle school, grades 6-12, that nurtures strength of character and academic excellence in students. We give students the skills, the discipline, and the confidence they need to be successful in college and in life.

Students at Northern Academy receive a rigorous, top-tier education that imbues a philosophy of lifelong learning. We keep the teacher-student ratio in classes at an average of 1:10, which means an individualized education that is flexible and responsive. We believe this helps many of our students achieve above average SAT scores. We offer Advanced Placement (AP) courses in most subjects.

While every student fulfills a complete college preparatory curriculum, Northern Academy also has a unique emphasis on the classical arts of both Western and Eastern civilizations. The powerful art forms we teach have developed over thousands of years and are able to communicate across all language barriers.

“Rhythm and harmony penetrate into the mind and take a most powerful hold on it.” --- Plato

"A scholar should constantly pursue what is virtuous and find recreation in the arts." --- Confucius

Just as the ancient philosophers concluded, modern studies have found that teaching the arts in schools can have a profound effect on young minds. The arts produce a greater sense of enjoyment and fulfillment in students, enhance their communication skills and self-confidence, and make the school culture feel more positive and adventurous.

Students select either the academic track or an arts track that best suits them. By taking an approach with multiple tracks, Northern Academy of the Arts opens up a wide range of avenues for students to allow them to rise to their fullest potential.

Academic Track students have a unique opportunity to work alongside organizations such as NASA and the United Nations to design solutions for real-world problems. This competitive internship is arranged by the international award winning program A World Bridge™.

Last but not least, we take building character very seriously. Read our separate section on it here. For children and teenagers who are growing every day, the time is now to lay a solid foundation of good habits and values that will benefit them for the rest of their lives.

Northern Academy Offers:

  • Academic Students: Great internship opportunities where they get real-world experience and job skills. A unique, carefully planned curriculum and small class size that allow them to engage meaningfully with subjects and help them become lifelong learners.
  • Arts Students: Pre-professional training enables them to pursue a professional arts career as well as building their character through the discipline of artistic training. Art students also get a strong college preparatory education so they are prepared regardless of what profession they ultimately choose.
  • Open to grades 6 through 12
  • Boarding and day school options
  • Low student-teacher ratio
  • A World Bridge™ Program
  • College counseling and planning for each high school student
  • Private tutoring in all subjects as needed
  • Etiquette and mind-body-spirit health education
  • A safe environment with an emphasis on moral values and good conduct.
  • Traditional Chinese culture and Mandarin language classes
  • ESL and tutoring for international students

Institutional Accreditation

Candidate for Accreditation by the Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Institutions of the Middle States Association.

State Licensing

Provisionally chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

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